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Here you can find a whole lot of Chinese short stories, songs, poems and other random passages for you to read through and learn from. Consistency is key when it comes to learning a new language so keep coming back and reading more! We will be updating the site often with authentic Chinese from Chinese publications, news or other native sources.

A list of short stories, essays and general Chinese writing for you to practice reading. The most recent stories are displayed below.

What are bitcoins?

The 3 bears

World War 2

The An lushan Rebellion

The family of hedgehogs

You have to start somewhere. The beginner section is ideal for learning basic sentence structures and beginner vocabulary.

The Baby Swallows

The rooster and the duckling

Songs are a great way to learn Chinese. Below is a list of the most recent Chinese songs to be added.

The Ordinary Road

Sun will never set

In the Spring

Buy and sell love

Happy New Year