Use the material below to practice and develop your Chinese reading skills. Make a promise to yourself to read for at least 10 minutes everyday. After several months you will be amazed at how many more characters you can read and understand.

Don’t forget that you can hover over the Chinese to display pinyin.


A fox and a tiger – A children’s story with some very useful sentences and words.

Introducing Uncle Adam – Useful words and simplistic structure. If nothing else, you will learn the word “museum” and hopefully a few idioms that can be thrown into daily conversations.

The 3 bears – A story about 3 bears who each go their own way and become independent. Some of the sentences are quite hard to comprehend initially so make sure to reread it.

Why do we celebrate Spring Festival? – The story of the infamous monster “Nian” and how it’s defeat gave rise to the Spring Festival. Lots of good Chinese words to be learnt while also learning a traditional Chinese story.

Play the lute to a cow – The story behind the idiom 对牛弹琴,lots of musical and descriptive vocabulary in a fairly short story.

Hagrid’s introduction – The story scene from Harry Potter where Hagrid finds Harry after trying to contact him for weeks. Lots of different Chinese characters packed into a relatively short piece of writing.

Santa is coming – Not quite a Chinese story but an informative piece about Christmas written as a homework assignment. Lots of Christmas terminology and many adjectives to be learnt.

The family of hedgehogs – An intermediate Chinese children’s story about a family of hedgehogs. Very nice to read out loud.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Conversation – A classic conversation from this classic Chinese movie.

Secondhand Car – Ever wanted to buy a car? Make sure you don’t buy a haunted one. Lots of verbs and idioms to be learnt.

Want to improve your Chinese understanding?

If you are wanting to improve your knowledge of Chinese grammar then you might want to consider buying a copy of “Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar“. This book is my go-to resource whenever I want to review anything grammar related. Suitable for intermediate + learners and (in my opinion) vital for any Chinese student.


Don’t clean eggs! – A fairly sizable scientific passage about why eggs should not be cleaned upon purchase.

Back from “Mars” – A news article regarding China’s latest experiments with the goal of one day reaching Mars. The sentence structure is definitely a bit harder and it is intended for Chinese adults. Work through patiently.

Danger on the ground – A scientific text about ostriches. Easy sentence structures and some unusual characters combine to make this both an easy and hard piece of writing to understand.

Earth’s “Cousin” – Some astronomical information about a planet remarkably similar to ours.


Obama and Abe pay respects at Pearl Harbor – Learn some military terminology and maybe even a small amount of history with this Chinese news article.

Theresa May’s message to China – Theresa May’s speech wishing China a happy new year. This is a great transcript to read through and learn some political/business vocabulary.

What are bitcoins? – Lots of technical words relating to computers and currency in this Chinese reading passage.

China-Ecuador Cooperation – An article published in Ecuadorian newspapers preceding a Chinese state visit to Ecuador. Lots of lovely political vocabulary and excellent descriptive words.

The Blurb of “My Life Philosophy” by – A sample of what might be found inside this book. Lots of inspirational language.

Hillary’s concession speech (2016) – The entire transcript of Hillary’s speech in Chinese. A long piece about politics and the election. Lots of good political words to learn and lots of ways to show gratitude.

Chinese and Russian cooperation promise – A high level Chinese reading passage about China and Russia. Lots of difficult terminology.

China’s biggest trade partner – A tricky piece with economical and business terms. Lots to learn and most likely a lot to puzzle over too.


The An lushan Rebellion – A huge time of turmoil for China, this text is very interesting and is also full of useful sentence structures and characters.

World War 2 – A fairly long piece of Chinese writing regarding World War 2. There is a lot of interesting characters to be read and learnt.

Seven-piece Puzzle – This is a very hard passage to understand, mostly suitable only for very advanced readers of Chinese. The Tangram is a Chinese puzzle. Read on to find out where it came from and it’s purpose.

The Spring and Autumn Period – A very difficult piece of Chinese reading about the Spring and Autumn time period in China. A very interesting time which produced a lot of the Chinese culture that we know today.

Tomb-Sweeping DayA passage about Tomb-Sweeping Day. This passage is fairly tricky to understand but has some excellent idioms that are worth learning!

About people

Interview with David Beckham – Learn some new words and phrases while also learning a little bit about David (大卫) Beckham (贝克汉姆).

About Stephen Hawking – A few paragraphs about Stephen Hawking’s early childhood. Nice sentences with a very formal tone.

Who is Einstein? – A fairly long article talking about Einstein’s life and accomplishments. Lots of place names included.

George Washington and the cherry tree – The classic story of George Washington and the cherry tree he cut down. Short but sweet.

About Bill Gates – A short text with lots of useful words. Quite a lot of numbers and ways to describe monetary amounts.

Beckham renewed his marriage vows – Another passage about the Beckhams. Some good wedding vocabulary to be found within.

A poet’s descendants – A look at the family of the famous Chinese poet 徐志摩 and who survived him after he died. A nice read although it has a few tricky parts.

Informative articles

This section has been added due to a demand for more technical articles. Let us know what you think as we add more!

The White House – A short passage with some information about the White House. Well-written and although there are a lot of different Chinese characters, the sentences are easily translatable without much struggling.

Football Pitch Regulations – Lots of dimensions, shapes and sizes to be learnt as this article tells us the rules and regulations for constructing football pitches.

League of Legends Chinese vocabulary – Lots of useful vocabulary for playing LoL in China. From champion names to the different positions/commonly said words.


Thanks to my teachers – A passage written by a student thanking his teachers on Teacher’s Day. A lot of descriptive language and long sentence structures without being too hard to follow.

What does Mei say in Overwatch? A commonly asked question about everyone’s favorite ice-slinging hero!

A dialogue between a former couple – A very short dialogue highlighting the importance of distinguishing between 他  and 她 in written Chinese.

Want to suggest some Chinese reading?

If you would like to suggest a Chinese passage or text for this website to display then please use this contact form. Please let us know who the author is so credit can be given. Alternatively you can comment on any page and let us know. New reading is added to this page everyday so bookmark this page for fresh Chinese reading to help you with your studies.