My Life Philosophy is a book giving inspirational advice to the younger generations and contains the wise words of 马云(the creator of the website Alibaba among other things). The book is definitely a good one to read if you are confident with your Chinese. Here is the blurb from the back of it, see what you think!

There are some key themes that remain consistent throughout the book. The idea of having a dream and being persistent. Let’s persist with our learning and nab some of those ever-useful key words.

Key Words

坚持 – To persist/persevere. This book is full of sentences such as 重要的事要坚持下去。

胸怀 –  An example of using 胸怀 could be that 宽阔的胸怀 means to be broad-minded. Whereas 胸怀狭窄 means to be narrow-minded. It is often used to talk about peoples ideals and the views they hold.

经验 – meaning experience. Someone can have a lot of 宝贵经验 which is valuable experience. Alternatively you could say 他是一位二十年教学经验的老师. This is a noun and should not be used to say that you have experienced something (that would need the verb form which is 经历)

绝大多数 – You may already know 大多数 meaning ‘majority’, well here is a way to say ‘large majority’. 绝大多数人说mychinesereading.com是一个非常好的网站.

The Blurb of “My Life Philosophy”

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