I really like the story of Robinson Crusoe, here is a short passage that has been translated into Chinese. There is also the full English translation below. Thanks for reading and good luck with your studying! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

Robinson Crusoe – 鲁滨孙漂流记



我帮他杀了食人族。 这个人现在跟我住,也帮助我。我叫他Friday,因为我们是在周五相遇的,他很聪明,我已经教了他一些英语。

English Translation

When I first arrived on this island, I had nothing. But I’ve found the ship and made a small boat. I’ve brought back many things I can use – food and drink, tools, knives and guns. Although I have lost everything, I have not lost my life. So I will not give up and I will wait for another ship. I have already cut down trees and built a house. I go out with my gun almost everyday to kill animals and birds for food. I’m even learning to grow fruit and vegetables.

A few weeks ago, I found the marks of another man’s feet on the sand. Who else is on my island? How long have they been here? Not long after that, I saw some cannibals trying to kill two men from a broken ship. One of them died but the other ran towards my house. I helped him kill the cannibals. This man now lives with me and helps me. I named him Friday because that was the day I met him. He is smart and I have already taught him some English.

Thanks for reading

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