Hey everyone, coming in today with a very popular song . Catchy, fast with an equal mix of simple and complex Chinese which means that there is something for everyone to learn. As with most songs, the need for it to rhyme and sound catchy has meant that sometimes the phrasing is a little more difficult than it would have otherwise been, and some parts can be interpreted to have various meanings.

The songs name is 逆战. 逆 can be used to mean ‘against’ and ‘战’ means war. So the name of the song is pretty easy to translate to ‘Against War’ which already gives us a clear idea of what the song might be about. The singer is called 张杰, if you want me to add more music by him then let me know below.

Key Words

战场 –  This means battlefield and combines the word war 战 with the word for a large place used for a specific purpose which is 场. Another example of 场 would be in 足球场 meaning football pitch.

张扬 – To publicize or make known to the public. This can be used in a sentence structure such as the following: 这事还没定下来,别张扬出去 meaning, the decision hasn’t been finalized, don’t spread it around yet.

Listen to the song below

Listen to the song first and pick out the words you can understand, then read through the lyrics below and listen again until you have nailed it!


逆战 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)


硝烟狂飞的讯号 机甲时代正来到
战车在发烫 勇士也势不可挡

come on逆战 逆战来也
王牌要狂野 闯荡宇宙摆平世界
Oh 逆战 逆战狂野 王牌要发泄

我要操控我的权势 张扬我的声势
这战场 千百热血战士 一路向前飞驰
捍卫世界的勇士 Fighting 再一决

兄弟一场 未来继续顽强
看着战火飘摇 瓦解对手力量

Like the song?

If you want to provide a translation, talk about a specific thing you have learnt or just say whether you like/dislike this song then comment below and let me know. If you want another Chinese song then you can recommend that too. Thanks for reading.