A cool song from Phil Chang who is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter.

This song is fairly quick but the words used are quite simple and well worth learning. This is one of the best songs in terms of how many useful words there are to learn.

Key words

趁早 – The name of the song is a really useful word meaning ‘as early as possible’.

一刀两断 – used to describe having to break off a relationship or to make a clean break.

勇敢  – meaning brave. In the song the lyrics are  我真的不够勇敢 which means ‘I really am not brave enough’. He is not brave enough to end the relationship.

配角 – To play second fiddle or be in a supporting role. 当经理的配角 would be to have a supporting role to the manager.

Music Video

This video has traditional Chinese subtitles so unless you are learning those, follow along with the lyrics below after listening through once without them of course.


趁早 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

到后来才发现爱你是一种习惯 我学会和你说一样的谎
你总是要我在你身旁 说幸福该是什么模样
你给我的天堂 其实是一片荒凉

要是我早可以和你一刀两断 我们就不必在爱里勉强
可是我真的不够勇敢 总为你忐忑为你心软
毕竟相爱一场 不要谁心里带着伤

我可以永远笑着扮演你的配角 在你的背后自己煎熬
如果你不想要 想退出要趁早 我没有非要一起到老
我可以不问感觉继续为爱讨好 冷眼的看着你的骄傲
若有情太难了 想别恋要趁早 就算迷恋你的拥抱 忘了就好

爱已至此 怎样的说法 都能成为理由
我在这样的爱情里看见的 是男人的软弱

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