Another dialogue today this time about a boy who asks his mother to check the paper he has written. Remember that you can hover over the Chinese to view the translation and pinyin. As with all beginner reading, start slowly and focus on pronouncing each tone clearly. You might feel stupid at first but you will soon speed up and this really is the only way to get a grasp on tones when reading.

Key Words

校对 – Proofread. 你能帮我校对吗? meaning “Can you help me proofread this?”

一起 – Together. 让我们一起去公园吧 meaning “Let’s go to the park together”.

想法 – Ideas/opinions

创意 – Creative/original.

Chinese Dialogue

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

儿子.  妈,我刚完成我的报告。你可以在我交给老师前帮忙校对吗?

妈妈. 当然,我们一起看看吧。宝贝,写得很好。你的想法很有创意。

儿子. 谢谢。

妈妈. 我可以看出来,你真的很努力。

儿子. 真的是呢!我再三星期前就开始想我要写什么。

妈妈. 恩,你所做的一切都是非常值得的。

儿子. 希望老师能够认同。


Difficult Translations


This sentence uses the two characters 想法 to mean ideas. 创意 means to be creative or original and so the sentence translates to “Your ideas are very original.”.


The tricky part of this sentence is the use of 努力. 努力 indicates great effort. 他很努力 would mean “He has worked hard.”. The full sentence translates to “I can see that you have worked very hard on this.”.


This translates to “I hope my teacher agrees.”.

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