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My family and their jobs

Our post today was provided by HSKReading. They provide Chinese dialogues, stories and news reports in Mandarin Chinese for all different skill levels. Check them out if you are serious about improving your Chinese reading! Let's get into the article. Key words 分别 - Differentiate / to part / individually 同一 - Same / identical [...]

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Who is Albert Einstein

Today we have a reading passage about Albert Einstein. This passage covers some of his accomplishments and his early years of study. The Chinese contains a lot of place names as Einstein moved around a lot during his life. As always, if you have any questions about the piece then you can ask in the [...]

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About Bill Gates

This is a short but sweet passage about Bill Gates. It has a lot of information and great Chinese packed into a relatively short passage of writing. As most people already know a little about Bill Gates then it is possible to guess a lot of meaning simply from context when reading through this. Key [...]

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A poet’s descendants

徐志摩 was a famous Chinese poet whose life was tragically cut short by a plane crash. One of his most famous pieces can be read here (warning, incredibly hard and not particularly useful for learning Chinese). The article below talks about his family and who survived him. Key Words 后代 - Later periods / descendants. [...]

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George Washington and the cherry tree

We hope you enjoy this small story from George Washington's childhood. The Chinese reads very nicely and even though it is a short tale, there are many different characters and words to learn. Key Words 乔治 。华盛顿 - George Washington. Used for both the name and the American state. 砍 - Cut/chop/hack. This is the for [...]

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Beckham renewed his marriage vows

Chinese news frequently reports on activities in David Beckham's life (as do most countries). Here is one of the latest reports about him. The passage is quite short but has a lot that can be learnt. Let's look at some of the key words that can be found in the passage.   Key Words 结婚 [...]

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About Stephen Hawking

A small excerpt taken from the SFLEP Biography Titles series. The book is aptly titled "Stephen Hawking". It is primarily aimed at Chinese speakers who wish to learn English but in this case we can use it for the purpose of learning Chinese. Let's look at some of the key words found in this text. [...]

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Interview with David Beckham

In this conversation you will learn a little bit about David Beckham, he is a very famous man and his interviews have been translated into many languages including Chinese. Below is a conversation between him and a journalist that has been translated into Chinese. This interview was conducted soon after David launched his own brand of [...]

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