6 beginner sentences about shopping

Similar to our 6 basic sentences using time, here are 6 sentences you can use while shopping in China. (Remember you can hover over over the Chinese for pinyin) 1. 一瓶可乐多少钱? Let's start with the most important thing. How to ask how much something costs. 瓶 means bottle. 可乐 is Cola. So 一瓶可乐 means "1 [...]

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Easy Chinese sentences using time

Being able to understand sentences using time is important to learning any language, after all, talking about time is a large part of how we communicate. Excellent for beginners who always find themselves struggling when asked about time and dates. Let's look through these sentence by sentence. (Hover over the Chinese for pinyin) 1. 今天几月几号?星期几? [...]

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A dialogue between a former couple

A short dialogue about a couple who broke up a long time ago, only to meet again. The dialogue is simple but there are some key words we can learn from it that are very useful to beginners. Intermediate readers might also find a few of the characters useful and they may be unknown to beginners so remember [...]

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The rooster and the duckling

Another beginner story featuring a rooster and a duckling. Remember to read through slowly and try to pronounce each tone clearly, don't worry about speed that will come naturally with time. There is a voice recording of a Chinese person reading the story so that you can listen to and imitate the pronunciation. First, let's [...]

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Our Geese Have Gone

This is the blurb from a story that was written for Chinese learners. Chinese Breeze have written many stories and graded them for beginners to advanced readers. Read the blurb below which is from one of their beginner level books and see how you do. As you can read below, the writing style has a [...]

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Children’s Day Concert

A beginner's story with lots of useful words and simple sentence structures. Read through slowly and pronounce each character fully, it's vital to start slowly so you can start to develop your tones. To improve your pronunciation then you can listen to the voice recording underneath the text to help you. There are also some questions [...]

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Use your hands, not your eyes

Here is another story for beginners, featuring some nice easy sentences and words for us to learn. It is worth mentioning that the actual text has pinyin printed above it, but I feel that pinyin is too distracting for English speakers. Our eyes will always naturally gravitate towards the letters instead of looking at the [...]

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Interesting Weather

A beginners text written by a student in Grade 1. Has lots of nice, easy terminology that can be used immediately in your everyday life (providing you know someone who understand Chinese, otherwise you're going to sound pretty crazy). Let's begin by looking at some key words. As this is a beginner's text then the [...]

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