Going to the gym

Today's post will be creeping up the amount of characters so we can slowly but surely head towards the much dreaded home page of this website which consists of intermediate and above Chinese articles. However, for now, let's look at some health terminology and tie it together using the very useful 应该 which takes the [...]

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What will you do today?

Another small reading dialogue for complete Chinese beginners featuring Lily and Emma (the first dialogue can be found here). Today, they are talking about what they will do using the character 会 to express "will". Let's look at some of the words they use before reading the dialogue. Recently, I have started a Chinese learning [...]

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Introducing yourself

As this website already has a lot of content for intermediate/advanced readers, it is now time to focus on beginners who are new to reading Chinese. This dialogue will feature two people, Lily and Emma who are meeting each other. If you are unsure about how to pronounce it then don't worry, listen to the [...]

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Can you check my paper?

Another dialogue today this time about a boy who asks his mother to check the paper he has written. Remember that you can hover over the Chinese to view the translation and pinyin. As with all beginner reading, start slowly and focus on pronouncing each tone clearly. You might feel stupid at first but you [...]

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Where is the nearest ATM?

This is a dialogue between two people asking about where they can find things. This dialogue has very useful vocabulary and beginners will definitely learn something new. This dialogue was sent in through our contact form by an anonymous someone, thanks! Let's get straight into it. Key words 取款机 - ATM 建筑 - Building. 街区 - [...]

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