A short passage about Tomb-Sweeping Day

Tomb-Sweeping day (or Qingming Festival) is a Chinese festival that celebrates ancestry. It is a national holiday in China and one that is worth learning about if you ever plan to visit there. The first section can be a little confusing at first but persevere through! Let's look at some of the key words. Key [...]

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World War 2

This is a piece of writing about World War 2. The writing talks about a little bit about the amount of people who were killed. It then proceeds to talk about recent historians who have written books about it and the reasons why World War 2 is studied so widely. Let's look at a few [...]

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The An lushan Rebellion

The An Lushan Rebellion is a very significant even in the history of China. It caused the weakening of the Tang Dynasty and although the exact numbers are very unclear and much debated, several scholars estimate that 13 million people died, which was around a fifth of the total world population at the time (Johan Norberg [...]

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The Spring and Autumn Period

Here is a very complicated Chinese passage about the Sprint and Autumn period in China which occurred between 476 to 770 BC. The post below is difficult to understand if you do not already have any familiarity with this time period but fear not! There are many useful words and idioms to be learnt which do [...]

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Seven-piece Puzzle

The following passage is very long and complicated, the first half is written in an old style of Chinese. This Chinese is hard for even native Chinese speakers to understand. The second part provides some explanation as to the meaning of the Chinese in the first half. If you find yourself struggling then do not be [...]

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