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Hidden dangers around the house

Today we have a passage about hidden dangers in your home! Lots of vocabulary to be learnt and safety terms to be remembered. Have fun! Key Words 隐患 - Hidden danger. 检查 - To check 安全检查 - Safety inspection 消防 - Firefighting/ fire prevention 一心二用 - To multitask / to divide one's attention 家里的隐患 日常家庭生活中,是存在一些安全隐患的。因此,建议大家每隔一段时间,就要进行一次彻底的安全检查。 [...]

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League of Legends Chinese vocabulary

Playing LoL on Chinese servers can be punishing for newcomers. This is because the client is in Chinese and there is no way to change it to English. The players are also, obviously, typing in Chinese and as communication is important then understanding and being able to communicate back effectively really helps your chances of [...]

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The White House

The White House is a very impressive building and the Chinese below does a good job of introducing it to people. The Chinese is well written and has a very formal tone to it. Key Words 白宫 - The White House. (宫 can be used in 宫殿 meaning palace) 总统 - President. 美国总统 would be the [...]

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Football Pitch Regulations

We are well aware that this sounds like a boring subject but there is a lot of fantastic vocabulary involving sizes and dimensions in the passage below. While you may not be interested in football, we know that you are interested in learning Chinese. Here are some of the key words you will find below. [...]

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