Some political dates in modern Chinese history

The passage below gives a small description of some key political dates in recent Chinese history (中国现时代). While it is definitely lacking on the details, the repeated use of certain vocabulary is excellent for learning! Key words 社会主义 - Socialism. 现代化 - Modernise. The character 化 is really key in Chinese for being the verb [...]

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What are bitcoins?

The following Chinese passage is about bitcoins. Bitcoins are a digital currency. As you might expect, the writing below has a lot of technical terms relating to the internet and technology in general. As this website does not have a "technology" section yet we will add it to the business one. If we add more [...]

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Theresa May wishing China a happy new year

Theresa May (the current prime minister of England) has just sent out a message wishing China a happy new year and promising improved relations between China and England in the following year. The video has been published on most forms of Chinese social media along with the transcript of what was said, so let's read through [...]

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The EU is still China’s biggest trade partner

Here is a short Chinese piece surrounding it's trade relationship with the EU. You will find there are lots of economical terms and sentence structures centered around providing numerical-based information. This is a deceptively hard piece of reading that was found on the website "China Council for the Promotion of International Trade". Let's dive straight into the key words [...]

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China-Ecuadar Cooperation

Here is an advanced piece of Chinese reading about promoting friendship between China and Ecuador. This news piece was first published by the Xinhua news network. The article was published in a Ecuadorian newspaper in the build up to a Chinese state visit to Ecuador. As you can imagine, the key words found in this piece will [...]

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Obama and Abe pay respects at Pearl Harbor

7th December 1941 was the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 75 years later the Japanese PM Abe Shinzo and President Obama gathered to commemorate the lives that were lost. Below is the Chinese news transcript of the event. As it is a political news piece, expect official language and a very formal tone which [...]

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Chinese and Russian cooperation promise

Here is another high level reading passage taken form the Chinese news. The reading is about recent talks between China and Russia so expect a lot of political vocabulary and long Russian names translated into Chinese phonetically. This new story was originally from the xinhua news agency. Key Words 定期 - Regularly or at regular [...]

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Hillary’s concession speech (2016)

Well, after a long campaign then Hillary has lost and Donald has won. However, we aren't here to discuss that, we are here to learn Chinese and learn Chinese we shall! This speech contains a lot of encouraging words and nice ways to thank people for their hard work. There are several ways to tackle [...]

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The Blurb of “My Life Philosophy” by 马云

My Life Philosophy is a book giving inspirational advice to the younger generations and contains the wise words of 马云(the creator of the website Alibaba among other things). The book is definitely a good one to read if you are confident with your Chinese. Here is the blurb from the back of it, see what [...]

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