Back from “Mars”

Here is a news article from the BBC regarding China's latest developments in regards to their plans for space exploration, we don't want to spoil the content of the article by discussing it before you have a chance to read but feel free to put your thoughts in the comment section below. As with most articles [...]

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Danger on the ground

Here is a text taken from a science magazine named Small Newton. It is aimed towards older children/teenagers and is packed with lots of useful vocabulary and scientific terms. I was torn between putting this in the beginner section but decided against it as even though it is quite short and the sentences are very [...]

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Don’t clean eggs!

Here is a fairly long text from a science book aimed towards teaching children some easy scientific concepts and facts. The book attempts to explain various scientific questions and uses some excellent vocabulary and sentence structures to do so. Today, let's look at why we shouldn't be washing eggs as soon as we buy them. [...]

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Earth’s “Cousin”

This text comes from a scientific magazine that is targeted towards children. As a result, the sentence structures are quite simple and the scientific terms are limited to ones that children can easily understand such as diameter and volume. This is ideal for people who are learning Chinese as, generally speaking, you don't want to [...]

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