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If time could flow backwards

Today we are going to look at a lovely piece of creative writing about childhood memories and time. The writing is about the author's childhood as a 留守儿童 which is the case of lots of children who live in the Chinese countryside with parents working in industrial zones or bigger cities. There are a few plants [...]

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The 3 bears

At first glance then this story was going to be placed into the beginner section as most stories titled "The 3 bears" would go. However, this story turned out to have very complex sentences and a surprising depth of vocabulary that makes it very difficult for beginners. Have fun reading and puzzling over some of [...]

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The family of hedgehogs

This is a story about a family of hedgehogs. This story is aimed at younger children but it is too long with too many different characters to be considered a beginner's story. As always, read through slowly and carefully and if you are reading out loud then pronounce every character clearly with the correct tones. Key [...]

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Why do we celebrate Spring Festival?

Here is a Chinese story which explains why people celebrate Spring Festival. The story is based around a monster called the "Nian" and features a lot of typical Spring Festival things such as the color red and, of course, fireworks. The story has a nice balance of simple and more complicated sentence structures which make [...]

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Secondhand Car

Here is a scary Chinese story about a secondhand car. There are lots of useful verbs to be learnt and good sentence structures. Like most stories, there are some idioms that can trip you up unless you have learnt them before. As always, read through carefully and slowly trying to pronounce each word clearly with [...]

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Santa is coming

Since it's that time of year again, here is a Chinese passage about Christmas and Santa Claus. This text was written by a teenager as a homework assignment about Christmas. There are lots of colorful expressions to be learnt and many adjectives that you will certainly find useful. Let's look at a few Christmas related [...]

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Introducing Uncle Adam

This is the first few paragraphs from a storybook, the book is aimed at older children/young teens and contains a nice mix of simple Chinese with idioms and some excellent vocabulary. The storybook is of the kind that allows you to choose which way the characters will go by giving the readers choices as to what [...]

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Play the lute to a cow

Idioms. idioms. idioms. They are hard to learn and even harder to remember for more than 10 minutes! This story explains the meaning behind the idiom 对牛弹琴. The story is quite simple but the characters used to tell it are (in my opinion) fairly advanced. The idiom 对牛弹琴 is most commonly used to describe giving [...]

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Hagrid’s introduction

A bit of Harry Potter today, the scene where Hagrid arrives amidst a storm and breaks down the Dursley's door. There is a lot of interesting Chinese characters to represent breaking and crashing sounds and also some good descriptive words for Hagrid's appearance. While it is not a very long piece of writing, I think it [...]

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Our Geese Have Gone

This is the blurb from a story that was written for Chinese learners. Chinese Breeze have written many stories and graded them for beginners to advanced readers. Read the blurb below which is from one of their beginner level books and see how you do. As you can read below, the writing style has a [...]

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