Weekly Schedule

Today's Chinese text is talking about someone's weekly schedule and the things they like to do. Key Words 早晨 - Early morning结束 - To finish or conclude.阅读 - To read.逛街 - To window shop / walk down the high street. 每周计划 大家好,我的名字是王楠。我是一名护士 每天早晨7点50的时候,我会准时去上班。下午5点的时候,我会结束一天的工作回家。 周一和周三晚上,我会阅读喜欢的书。周四和周五晚上,我有英文课。偶尔,我也会看电视。 周末,我会和朋友们一起逛街。周日,我会去健身房做运动。 这周我不会去健身,因为天气预报说,这周日会有大暴雨。 English Translation Hello everyone, my name is Wang Nan. [...]

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Thanks to my teachers

This is a passage written by a Chinese student thanking teachers. The 10th of September is Teacher's Day in China and a lot of students will write nice messages for their teachers or give them small presents. Let's look at some of the key words to be found below. Key words 教师节 - Teacher's day. [...]

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