A beginner’s story with lots of useful words and simple sentence structures. Read through slowly and pronounce each character fully, it’s vital to start slowly so you can start to develop your tones. To improve your pronunciation then you can listen to the voice recording underneath the text to help you. There are also some questions about the passage for you to answer in the comments below.

Key Words

儿童节 – On the 1st of June (hence the 六一 in the title below) then China celebrates Children’s Day. Usually schools have some fun activities and children will receive some small presents.

音乐会 – A music concert of pretty much any description can be called a 音乐会, ranging from small stages to large stadiums.

成员 – Used for all types of memberships. 我是一个足球队的成员.

Children’s Day Concert

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

今天是六一儿童节,小动物们别提有多高兴了。小 鸟幼儿园里热闹极了,因为这里在举行一场音乐会。现在轮到百灵鸟合唱团上场了。合唱团的成员们排好队,慢慢走入会场。咦,他们怎么好像少了一个指挥呢?




Tricky Translations

There are a few sentences in this passage that should be looked at.


This sentence has the word 别提. This has the meaning of “needless to say” or “as you can imagine”. So we could probably translate this sentence to be “Needless to say, the animals were very happy”.


This sentence is quite straightforward until the final three characters. This is because the word 排队 is a separable verb. A lot of verbs in Chinese can be separated and although this can be confusing at first, it is something that can be quickly picked up. By adding 好 into this verb then this sentence could be translated to “The choir members formed a neat line”


总指挥 in this sentence can be translated to “chief conductor” although in English we probably wouldn’t bother emphasising a conductor as being the leader. 夏夏 is the name of the conductor. The sentence could be translated to “It turns out to be the chief conductor of the choir, xiaxia”.

Comprehension Questions

Answer the following questions about this passage in the comments below.

1. 今天是什么节日?

2. 今天要举行的活动是什么?

3. 合唱团指挥的名字是什么?

4. 燕尾服的颜色是紫色吗?

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