Here is a short Chinese piece surrounding it’s trade relationship with the EU. You will find there are lots of economical terms and sentence structures centered around providing numerical-based information. This is a deceptively hard piece of reading that was found on the website “China Council for the Promotion of International Trade”. Let’s dive straight into the key words that can be found in the text.

Key Words

欧盟 – The European Union.

根据 – According to. 根据天气预报 meaning “According to the weather report….”

总额 – The total amount. This is generally only used for economical/trade purposes involving money or sales (if anyone knows differently, please let us know in the comments below). 存款总额 would mean “total deposits”.

统计 – Statistics. 统计局 would be a department of statistics.

连续 – Continues. 连续八年未出事故 meaning “There have not been any accidents for 8 years in a row”.

The EU is still China’s biggest trade partner

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