On this page you can find links to many different Chinese songs with the simplified Chinese lyrics accompanying them. Music can be very subjective so there is (hopefully) something for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to recommend your favorite Chinese music then comment on any post and mention it.

Some suitable songs for beginners are at the bottom of the page.

Life in full bloom by 汪峰 – Very popular song with lots of useful vocabulary to be learnt.

10 years by 陳奕迅 – A classic song by a very famous singer from Hong Kong. Prepare to learn lots of useful words that rhyme together.

Failure at love by 周杰倫 – A song with very tricky verses and a nice chorus. Useful vocabulary and this song shows people how Chinese can be cleverly manipulated to have many meanings. Not a suitable song for beginners to start with.

Let it go by 胡维纳 – The hit song Let It Go has been beautifully translated into Chinese. See how much you can understand as I’m sure you can remember the English version enough to remember what she is singing about.

I finally lost you by 趙傳 – A lovely song with a few excellent words to be learnt and applied to our everyday Chinese interactions.

The ordinary road by 朴树 – An incredibly moving song, difficult to understand but carries a profound message. Lots of different words.

Friends by 周華健 – A classic song with thoughtful, heartwarming lyrics. There are no karaoke bars in China that don’t have this song.

Brightest Star In The Night Sky by 逃跑计划 – A song with a beautiful chorus. If you have traveled around China then you probably heard this many times.

As early as possible by 張There are many useful words to learn in this song. Especially good if you want to add more variety to your Chinese sentences.

Sun will never set by 蔡依林 – A dance song, lots of differing vocabulary and great verbs in this one.

Brave Heart by 汪峰 – A short song with lots of verbs and different measure words. Comes from a great movie too.

A little Happiness by 田馥甄 – The name might not be translated correctly but this is a lovely song with some good words mixed in too!

In the Spring by 汪峰 – Another song by Wang Feng (the third on this site). Featuring great sentence structure and words that can be instantly applied to your everyday Chinese conversations and studies.

Meet by 孙燕姿 – A nice song with some good vocabulary and easy lyrics. Might be a little tricky the first time you listen to it, but after reading the lyrics it becomes a lot easier.

Nothing to my name by 崔健 – Some Chinese rock music. Different from most of the slower songs on this website bu still full of useful words and phrases.

Little Apple by 筷子兄弟 – Another song by the excellent Chopstick Brothers. This is quite fast and has a lot of useful vocabulary and a very catchy beat.

Old Boy by 筷子兄弟 – Lovely, slow song with excellent vocabulary. Also, the name of the band are ‘The Chopstick Brothers”. Fantastic.

Against War by 张杰 – A very popular fast-tempo song with some good new words and a nice beat!

Chinese music for beginners

These songs have been chosen because of their simplistic vocabulary and slow pace (with a couple of exceptions). If they are not to your taste then you should definitely check out some of the songs above as you will not learn anything if you do not enjoy the music you are listening to.

The moon represents my heart by 邓丽君 – A classic song that anyone studying Chinese has probably heard before. If not then have a listen and be amazed by how much you can understand.

Listen to the sea by – A slow song with relatively simple lyrics. Very reminiscent of Mariah Carey.

Olive Tree by 齊豫 – A Chinese classic, lots of simple vocabulary and a sweet singing voice.

Buy and sell love by 慕容曉曉 – Bubblegum pop in one of it’s earliest incarnations. A song that people either love or hate but one that is always popular at KTV and can often be heard when travelling around China.

Happy New Year by China Dolls – A simple song to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Very popular and often heard in China.

Want to suggest some Chinese music?

If you can’t find your favorite song on here and would like to recommend it, please use this contact form. Alternatively you can comment on any music page and let us know. We try to put new Chinese music on here every two days so keep checking back.