If you ever feel stuck for things to say when you meet people, here are a few simple sentence structures to help you ask some simple questions.

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家乡 means hometown but these two characters could be replaced with 老家 which also means hometown.


购物 means to go shopping. By adding 为什么 to the end then you are asking for them to explain their answer.


几 is a very common way of asking “How much/many”.

口 is a measure word similar to 个. It is used instead of 个 as the measure word for family members. For example. 我的家有四口人 would mean “There are 4 people in my family”.


爱好 is (in my opinion) a fantastic 2 character combination that means hobby. Because hobbies should be things that you love doing.


By adding 最 then you turn the verb 喜欢 into it’s superlative form (favourite). It can be used before virtually all verbs for example, 最美的 would mean “the most beautiful”


结婚 means married and 单身 means single. By adding 还是 which means “or” then we have a simple way of asking someone to choose between two choices. Another example might be 你想去还是不想去?which would mean “Do you want to go or not?”

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The next time you meet a Chinese speaker then surprise them by showing an interest in their lives. People are always more receptive when you ask then questions about themselves as opposed to starting every sentence with 我 (I). Thanks for reading!