This page is aimed at Chinese beginners who have been learning individual characters and are ready to start on sentences. Learning to read Chinese can be daunting to begin with but consistency will lead you to success. Come back and practice reading as often as you can.

We are often asked what websites we recommend for beginners to learn Chinese.  Try HSKReading!

Chinese Dialogues for beginners

Don’t forget, you can mouse-over the Chinese to see the pinyin and translation.

Introducing yourself –  Saying your name and where you come from. The first thing you should learn when starting to speak/read Chinese. Complete beginners

What will you do today? – Asking what someone will do today and tomorrow and various answers to this question. Complete beginners

What do you want to eat? – This dialogue introduces conditionals and also how to express that something is your favourite. Includes noodles and dumplings, delicious! Beginner

How many people are in your family? – Learn about using 口 to count family members.

Going to the gym – How to use 应该 and other common, Chinese, health-related vocabulary. Beginner

Let’s go to the movies – Ask someone to the movies and arrange a time to meet them. Learn to say something is “interesting/amusing”.

Can you check my paper? – A dialogue between a mother and a son. Some easy sentence structures to be learnt along with a few new words. Beginner

Where is the nearest ATM? – A short dialogue between two people asking about the nearest ATM and other places. Very useful Chinese. Beginner +

My car has a problemA very polite conversation between what I presume is a mechanic and a motorist. Beginner +

Useful Sentences for beginners

Some basic sentences for beginner and maybe even intermediate students.

6 beginner sentences using time – 6 sentences involving times with brief explanations of each sentence.

6 beginner sentences about shopping – Want to go shopping? Learn a few basic sentences here.

6 questions to start conversations – Here are 6 simple Chinese questions you can use to surprise your friends by showing interest in their lives!

Longer Chinese texts for Beginners

Here are some slightly longer Chinese texts that introduce some useful sentence structures and patterns as well as some of the most frequently used characters in the Chinese language. Read through them slowly and don’t worry if you struggle, in a few months time you will look back and see how much you have improved!

My family and their jobs – A short passage introducing a family and the jobs of the mother and father. Some of the vocabulary is a little tricky but the sentences can be pieced together easily enough. Beginner +

Weekly Schedule– The things that someone likes to do during the week. They sound quite busy! Beginner +

Children’s Day Concert – A short text about a choir of birds. Most of it is basic with no complicated sentence structures. Be sure to listen to the voice recording! Beginner +

The Baby Swallows – Another short passage about a father and son who find a nest of swallows. There are a lot of different characters to be learnt in this passage. Beginner +

Use your hands, not your eyes – A small story with some great words and phrases for people new to learning Chinese. Beginner +

Interesting Weather – A nice introduction to some different types of weather. Some of the sentence structures are a little confusing, remember to hover over the Chinese characters to see pinyin and a translation. Beginner +

Our Geese Have Gone – The blurb of a book written for Chinese learners. Features very simple sentence structure and lots of repetition. Beginner +

Want to recommend some Chinese reading practice?

If you are stuck on a Chinese passage or have a favorite Chinese story you would like to recommend to this website then you can use our contact form to send it to us. We hope you have found this page to be useful, don’t forget to bookmark us and check back for new updates!