Today’s post will be creeping up the amount of characters so we can slowly but surely head towards the much dreaded home page of this website which consists of intermediate and above Chinese articles. However, for now, let’s look at some health terminology and tie it together using the very useful 应该 which takes the meaning of “should”. As usual, let’s look at some individual words first.

Key words

应该 – As said above, this means “should”. 我应该写作业 meaning “I should do my homework”.

健身房 – Gym. 健身 means to exercise or keep fit while can mean room. So a gym is a room in which to keep fit. Nice and simple!

减肥 – To lose weight or slim down.

之后 – After. For example: 吃饭之后 means “after eating”. 睡觉之后 “after sleeping”.

Going to the gym

艾玛 – 我最近变胖了。我应该去健身房减肥。

莉莉 – 你有空吗?

艾玛 – 有,我周一,周三,周五都有空。

莉莉 – 我周一周三要跟你一起去,但是周三我去不了。

艾玛 – 好的,在健身房见!


艾玛 – 莉莉你好,我们先举重吧。

莉莉 – 举重之后,我们应该跑一会步。

艾玛 – 跑步之后,我们应该去吃午饭。

莉莉 – 好主意,我想吃麦当劳。

艾玛 – 莉莉!我们不应该吃麦当劳。

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What on earth is 跑一会步

The structure 跑一会步 looks strange. This is because we seperated the verb 跑步 and placed 一会 inside it. A lot of Chinese verbs can be seperated like this allowing you to place modifiers inside them. In this case, we placed 一会 meaning “a short while” inside.

English Translation

Emma – I have put on weight recently. I should go to the gym to lose weight.

Lily – Do you have enough free time?

Emma – Yes, I have free time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Lily – I will come with you on Monday and Friday, but I can’t go on Wednesdays.

Emma – Ok, I will see you there!

At the gym…

Emma – Hey Lily, let’s start by lifting some weights.

Lily – After we lift weights, we should run for a while.

Emma – After we run we should go for lunch.

Lily – Sounds good. I want Mcdonalds.

Emma – Lily! We should not eat Mcdonalds.

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