A bit of Harry Potter today, the scene where Hagrid arrives amidst a storm and breaks down the Dursley’s door. There is a lot of interesting Chinese characters to represent breaking and crashing sounds and also some good descriptive words for Hagrid’s appearance. While it is not a very long piece of writing, I think it is fairly challenging as lots of the characters are very unique.

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Key Words

Just a couple of names to clear up any confusion.

达力 – This is Dudley. I think it’s quite confusing to have a 哈利 (Harry) and a 达力 but I guess it was the closest phonetical translation possible.

弗农 – Vernon. Dudley’s father.

Section of Harry Potter in Chinese

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)











Difficult Translations

This is not such a long Chinese passage but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any confusing sentences!


“This time they all understood what it was that was in that slender package”


The important thing to remember with this sentences is that 上 can be translated to “on”. So this is the same as saying the door is on it’s hinges. The full sentence could translate to “The door came off it’s hinges and fell to the floor”.


“The giant forced his way into the room with great difficulty. He was bent at the waist”.

Comprehension questions

Write the answers in the comments section below. (If you want, noone is forcing you to)

  1. 这个片段有可能发生在一天的什么时间?
  2. 弗农姨父的包裹里藏着什么东西?
  3. 请用“轻而易举”造句。

Any Comments?

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