As Spring Festival is almost here, let’s listen to a very popular song that is guaranteed to be playing across all the malls in China right now. This is a very simple song to learn, and mainly consists of the same sentences being repeated over and over again.  The key words will be focused towards beginners so if you are not a beginner then skip ahead to listen to the song and view the lyrics below.

Key Words

新年 – New Year. Comprised of 2 characters 新 being new and 年 being year, this combines to form new year. Note that the western new year (1st of January) is usually referred to as 元旦.

快乐 – Happy or happiness. 快乐的微笑 would be a happy smile.

大家 – Everybody or everyone. 祝大家新年快乐 means “Wish you a happy new year”

恭喜 – Congratulations. Used to congratulate people for most things. This is a great word to know.

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新年快乐 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

你好 新年到了 做好人 希望幸福 幸福身为泰国人 
多财又多福 China dolls中国娃娃China dolls中国娃娃 
China dolls祝大家新年恭喜恭喜发财 中国娃娃祝大家快快乐乐有财有福
China dolls祝大家新年恭喜恭喜发财 中国娃娃祝大家 Happy New year 
在过去的泼水节 大家都欢乐 快乐的泰国人 
新年的幸福感觉 无论是泰国或是中国 大家都欢乐 
中国新年泰国新年都再幸福一年 中国新年来拜访 给你祝福 
祝你快乐 中国新年 泰国新年 大家幸福过新一年 
新年来 就见面 祝福泰国新年 大家又来快乐过一天 
无论是中国年 泰国年家家都欢乐过新年 
一定会再见面 家家快乐过新

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