A short beginner dialogue talking about families. Although short, there is a lot to be learnt.

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Key Words

国庆 – National day. Although the official name is National Day, it is a week-long holiday in China that starts from the 1st of October.

– This is a measure word for family members. Instead of saying 我家有三个人 (There are 3 people in my family) we instead say 我家有三口人. If it helps you remember, 口 means mouth so you are saying how many mouths there are in your family.

已经 – Already.

独生子 – Only child.

How many people are in your family? 你家里有几口人?


English Translation

Hi, ZhaoLei. Are you going home for National Day?

Yes, It has already been a long time since I saw my family.

How many people are in your family?

My family has 4 people. My father, mother, younger sister and me. How about you? How many people are in your family?

3 people, My father, mother and me. I am an only child.

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