A fairly fast-tempo song for you today. He, like many of the other singers on this page, comes from Taiwan. This one was recommended to me by a Chinese friend who said it is one of their favorite songs. I can see why. The song has a lot of useful language contained within it. Work your way through and see how much you can understand before checking out the lyrics below.

Key words

失去 – To lose or to let slip by. Very useful and often used for many different situations. For example, 失去了耐心, 失去平衡,失去知觉. Can also be used to refer to someone’s passing away. Very versatile and once you have learnt this, you will start to hear it very often.

人群 – Crowd. Used in pretty much the same way as English, to refer to a crowd of people. 人 meaning people and 群 meaning crowd or group. 群 can be used for all types of groups such as 一群羊 being a flock of sheep. When combined with 人, however, it refers to a crowd of people.

Music Video

As with most of the music videos, the lyrics are written in traditional Chinese. You can view the lyrics below the video and follow along with them.

我终于失去了你 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

当所有的人离开我的时候 妳劝我要耐心等候
并且陪我度过生命中最长的寒冬 如此的宽容
妳要我安静从容 似乎知道我有一颗永不安静的心 (我)容易蠢动

我终于让千百双手在我面前挥舞 我终于拥有了千百个热情的笑容
我终于让人群被我深深的打动 我却忘了告诉妳 妳一直在我心中

啊…我终于失去了妳 在拥挤的人群中
我终于失去了妳 当我的人生第一次感到光荣
啊…我终于失去了妳 在拥挤的人群中
我终于失去了妳 当我的人生第一次感到光荣
当四周掌声如潮水一般的汹涌 我见到妳眼中有伤心的泪光闪动

Comment below

It is said that you need to see a character roughly 15 to 20 times to be able to recognize it well, and a lot more to use it in different situations. Practice now by using any new character you have learn below in the comments section. The singer is called 趙傳 or Chief Zhao in English, you should definitely check out some of his other songs!