A beginners text written by a student in Grade 1. Has lots of nice, easy terminology that can be used immediately in your everyday life (providing you know someone who understand Chinese, otherwise you’re going to sound pretty crazy).

Let’s begin by looking at some key words. As this is a beginner’s text then the key words will be selected based upon frequency of use and general usefulness.If you are confused by the characters 轰隆隆 and 丁零零 then note that they are just names.

Key Words

  • 天气 – Weather
  • 忽然 – Suddenly. You may notice that the 忽 is used later without the 然 and is also used to mean suddenly.
  • 感觉 – To feel in an emotional sense eg. to feel scared
  • 害怕 – Scared
  • 连 – This means to communicate and here is used in the sense that lightning striking the earth seems like they are communicating or talking with each other.
  • 令人 – To cause people to feel something, for example, 令人害怕 is to cause people to feel afraid.

Interesting Weather

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Difficult Translations

Let’s translate a couple of the harder sentences into English.


令人 is used to describe how something makes someone feel. In this case, the lightning makes “people feel completely afraid”. 十分 can mean 100% or completely.


This sentence uses 得 which is used to form adverbs from the preceding adjective. However, as there is not really an adverb for “afraid” then the best translation is probably … “I covered my ears in fright.”

What do you think?

Is this kind of text useful for beginners? It is quite hard to distinguish difficulty levels and feedback would certainly be helpful.

If you read the text then feel free to post a translation below, alternatively, post a few of the characters you learnt or use them to construct some other sentences, no matter how random. Thanks for reading!