Playing LoL on Chinese servers can be punishing for newcomers. This is because the client is in Chinese and there is no way to change it to English. The players are also, obviously, typing in Chinese and as communication is important then understanding and being able to communicate back effectively really helps your chances of winning.

If we have missed anything (probably a lot) then please comment below and let us know. It is a very big game with lots of different language used. If you are looking to pronounce these characters then there is a useful pinyin guide here.

Useful Chinese when playing LoL

Although League of Legends is quite notorious for trash-talking. We will not put any profanity in this guide. Instructional words only!

Mouseover the Chinese characters to display pinyin.

英雄联盟 – League of Legends

上路 – Top lane

中路 – Middle lane

下路 – Bottom lane

我去上路 – I’m going top lane.

辅助 – Support

AD or 下路 – AD carry

眼 – Ward and 放眼 to place a ward

别冲 – Don’t dive/ go too deep

保护我 – Protect me (commonly said by the AD carry)

送头 – To feed

后退 – Pull back / retreat

菜鸟 – Noob

一被 – End the game, close it out. Used after you kill their team and think you can end it.

带我飞 – Carry me

肉 – Tanky 出肉 is to build as a tank

服务器 – Server

卡了 – Lag

丢包 – Packet loss

网络 – Internet

Chinese names for LoL champions

These are not the official names but instead the most commonly used names to refer to the champions. Some of the names are phonetical translations while others have meaning such as Lucian being referred to as “Obama”.

Mouseover the Chinese characters to display pinyin.

Aatrox – 剑魔

Ahri – 狐狸

Akali – 阿卡丽 or sometimes AKL

Alistar – 牛 or 牛头

Amumu – 木木

Anivia – 凤凰 or 冰鸟

Annie – 火女

Ashe – 爱射

Aurelion Sol – 龙王

Azir – 沙皇

Bard – 巴德

Blitzcrank – 机器人

Brand – 火男

Braum – 布郎姆

Caitlyn – 女警

Camille – 卡蜜尔

Cassiopeia – 蛇女

Cho’Gath – 大虫子

Corki – 飞机

Darius – 诺克 or 小学生之手

Diana – 皎月

Dr. Mundo – 蒙多

Draven – 德莱文

Ekko – 艾克

Elise – 蜘蛛

Evelynn – 寡妇

Ezreal – Usually referred to as EZ

Fiddlesticks – 草人

Fiora – 剑姬 or sometimes simply called JJ.

Fizz – 小鱼人

Galio – 哨兵

Gangplank – 海盗 or 船长

Garen – 草丛伦 or 诺克 or 德马

Gnar – 纳尔

Gragas – 酒桶

Graves – 男枪

Hecarim – 人马

Heimerdinger – 大头

Irelia – 女刀

Ivern – 艾翁

Janna – 风女

Jarvan IV – 皇子

Jax – 武器

Jayce – 杰斯 sometimes also called 高富帅

Jinx – 金克丝 or 萝莉

Kalista – 滑板鞋

Karma – 卡尔马 or 扇子妈 or 天启

Karthus – 死歌

Kassadin – 卡萨丁 or sometimes KASS

Katarina – 卡特

Kayle – 天使

Kennen – 电耗子

Kha’Zix – 螳螂 or 虫子

Kindred – 千珏

Kled – 克烈

Kog’Maw – 大嘴

LeBlanc – 妖姬

Lee Sin – 盲僧 or 瞎子

Leona – 日女

Lissandra – 冰巫 or 法爷

Lucian – 奥巴马

Lulu – 露露

Lux – 光女

Malphite – 石头 or 石头人

Malzahar – 蚂蚱

Maokai – 树人

Master Yi – 剑圣

Miss Fortune – 女枪

Mordekaiser – 铁男

Morgana – 莫甘娜

Nami – 娜美

Nasus – 狗头

Nautilus – 泰但 / 诺提

Nidalee – 豹女

Nocturne – 梦魇

Nunu – 努努 or NUNU

Olaf – 斧头 or 狂战

Orianna – 发条 or 球女

Pantheon – 潘森

Poppy – 波比

Quinn – 鸟人

Rakan – 幻翎洛

Rammus – 乌龟

Rek’Sai – 挖掘机

Renekton – 鳄鱼

Rengar – 狮子狗 or 跳跳虎

Riven – 锐雯

Rumble – 兰博

Ryze – 光头 or 瑞丝

Sejuani – 猪妹

Shaco – 小丑

Shen – 慎

Shyvana – 龙女

Singed – 炼金

Sion – 亡灵

Sivir – 轮子妈

Skarner – 蝎子

Sona -琴女

Soraka – 奶妈

Swain – 乌鸦

Syndra – 球女 (same as Orianna sometimes)

Tahm Kench – 蛤蟆

Talon – 男刀 or 刀锋

Taliyah – 岩雀

Taric – 宝石

Teemo – 提莫 or 蘑菇

Thresh – 锤石 or 灯笼

Tristana – 小炮

Trundle – 巨魔 or 巨魔王

Tryndamere – 蛮王

Twisted Fate – 卡牌

Twitch – 老鼠

Udyr – 乌迪尔

Urgot –  螃蟹

Varus – 屌丝

Vayne – Usually called VN

Veigar – 小法师 or 小法

Vi – 皮城 or 薇

Viktor – 三只手

Vladimir – 吸血鬼

Vel’Koz – 触手 or 虚空之眼 or 维克兹

Volibear – 大熊 or 狗熊

Warwick – 狼人

Wukong – 猴子

Xayah – 逆羽霞

Xerath – 棺材

Xin Zhao – 信爷 or 菊花信

Yasuo – 亚索

Yorick – 掘坟

Zac – 扎克

Zed – 劫

Ziggs – 炸弹人

Zilean – 时光

Zyra – 婕拉

Any requests?

If you have any Chinese you wish to know that relates to League of Legends then please comment below and I will do my best to find it. Alternatively, if you know of any other names that the champions are called or any other useful Chinese relating to LoL then please let us know that too!