A beginner Chinese dialogue about making plans to go see a movie. Hope you find it useful. Remember to read through slowly and if you are reading out loud, exaggerate the sounds and tones. There is a full translation below if needed.

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Key Words

安排 – Arrangement or plans. “你有什么安排” meaning “What plans do you have?”.

有趣 – Interesting/amusing. “有趣的故事” being “interesting story”.

最近 – Recent/recently. “最近天气不好” “The weather has not been good recently”.

听说 – It is said / I’ve heard. “听说mychinesereading.com是一个非常好的网站” meaning “I’ve heard that mychinesereading.com is an excellent website”.

Let’s go to the movies让我们去看电影吧?








A small note on the use of 以后

If this is the first time that you have seen the use of 以后 then you might be a little confused. Here are a few example sentences and translations of them to help you understand how the Chinese use it to express “after” or “later”

我吃饭以后要回家 – I will go home after eating.

他上午九点以后不在家 – He wont be at home after 9 o’clock in the morning.

她放学以后应该写作业 – She should do her homework after she finishes school.

English Translation

What plans do you have tomorrow?

I dont have any plans.

Then let’s go to watch a movie. I’ve heard the the latest movie is really interesting.

Ok, I like interesting movies. What time shall we go?

3 o’clock. After the movie ends we can eat nearby.

Awesome! See you tomorrow by the entrance to the movie theatre at 3 o’clock.


Thanks for reading

If you have any questions then please ask them below. Keep practising your Chinese reading consistently and you will see the benefits!