One of the first songs I ever learnt when I first started studying Chinese. While it probably wasn’t the best choice for a beginner to start with, I really enjoyed listening to it and it definitely encouraged me to continue learning. Sometimes it is best to study things that you are interested in, even if they are above your level.

If you want to look up the singer then his name is 汪峰.

Key Words

曾经 – Refers to something having already happened in the past. 我曾经在英国住过四年 meaning I lived in England for four years.

怒放 – In full bloom. Most commonly used in a way such as 森林花怒放 meaning ‘the forests flowers are in bloom’. As seen in this song, can also be used to describe life.

无边 – No boundaries or borders. This is commonly used with 无边无际 to refer to something vast and boundless. Such as 无边无际地大海 being a boundless ocean. It is very good when you want to be descriptive and is used in songs and stories a lot.

Music Video

Listen and see how much of the Chinese you can understand before looking at the lyrics below.

怒放的生命 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

曾经多少次跌倒在路上 曾经多少次折断过翅膀
如今我已不再感到徬徨 我想超越这平凡的奢望

我想要怒放的生命 就像飞翔在辽阔天空
就像穿行在无边的旷野 拥有挣脱一切的力量

曾经多少次失去了方向 曾经多少次破灭了梦想
如今我已不再感到迷茫 我要我的生命得到解放

我想要怒放的生命 就像飞翔在辽阔天空
就像穿行在无边的旷野 拥有挣脱一切的力量
我想要怒放的生命 就像伫立在彩虹之颠
就像穿行在璀璨的星河 拥有超越平凡的力量

Thanks for listening and learning

Chinese is hard to learn and demands consistency from its learners. Keep checking back to this website to read and listen to new Chinese daily. If you have any thoughts then you can comment below and let us know.