Another slow song for your listening pleasure. This song has nice lyrics and nothing too confusing. A-Mei was born in Taiwan and her actual name is 張惠妹. Her songs are very popular all across the mandarin-speaking world  For this song, do not look at the lyrics the first time you listen to it. See how much you can pick up before you start working your way through it using the lyrics below.

For this music video we will not have any key words, as there is not much repetition used and the words are fairly self-explanatory. If you want to ask any questions you can comment below.

Music Video

This video has lyrics and Chinese written. If you are unsure of any of the characters you can mouseover the lyrics below to find out.


听海 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

写信告诉我今天 海是什么颜色
夜夜陪着你的海 心情又如何
灰色是不想说 蓝色是忧郁
而漂泊的你 狂浪的心 停在哪里

写信告诉我今夜 你想要梦什么
梦里外的我是否 都让你无从选择
我揪著一颗心 整夜都闭不了眼睛
为何你明明动了情 却又不靠近

听 海哭的声音 叹息著谁又被伤了心 却还不清醒
一定不是我 至少我很冷静
可是泪水 就连泪水也都不相信

听 海哭的声音 这片海未免也太多情 悲泣到天明
写封信给我 就当最后约定
说你在离开我的时候 是怎样的心情

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this song or simply wish to write a few Chinese characters then comment below. Even writing a few new Chinese words could help you remember anything you have picked up from this song.