This is a slightly strange blog post based off a request someone has sent in. For those who don’t know, there is a computer game called Overwatch which is becoming increasingly popular. The heroes you can play as in this game have their own voice lines in their mother tongue. There is a character called Mei who says lines in Mandarin. Here are the lines that are spoken by her with the translation included.

If you haven’t been on this website before, you can mouseover the Chinese characters to see how to pronounce them

Mei Chinese Voice Lines

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  • “这个世界值得我们奋战!” – This world is worth fighting for!
  • “冻住,不许走!” – Freeze, don’t move (This is said when she uses her ultimate ability)
  • “这样可以挡住他们” – This way they will be blocked
  • “冰墙,升起来吧!”  – Rise, ice wall!
  • “”有本事,就過來!”  – If you’ve got the guts, come get me!
  • “瞧瞧这个”  – Check this out!
  • “嘿嘿来啦” – Hey hey! I’m coming
  • “嚐嚐這個!”  – Taste this!
  • “等等,别过来!”  – Wait! Don’t come here!
  • “欺负人”  – Why so mean?
  • “你好” – Hello
  • “谢谢”  – Thanks
  • “嘿,我又回来啦! – Hey, I’m back again!
  • “忽如一夜春风来 千树万树梨花开” – It looks like the spring came during the night and thousands of pear trees are blooming.

These are all the voice lines I could find, if there are any others then please me know by commenting below.

The lines are fairly straightforward except for the last one which is very interesting. 忽如一夜春风来 千树万树梨花开 is from a Chinese classic poem  “A Song of White Snow in Farewell to Secretary Wu Going Home” written by 岑参 during the Tang Dynasty. As with most Chinese poetry, there are lots of meanings and emotions that be be taken from the sentence and to give a succinct translation is very tricky.  The full poem is as follows:


Any questions?

If you have any questions about Mei’s voice lines, Overwatch or any of the Chinese on this page then comment below. If you notice any mistakes then you should also let us know below. I recommend Overwatch as a very fun game to play. Thanks for reading.