7th December 1941 was the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 75 years later the Japanese PM Abe Shinzo and President Obama gathered to commemorate the lives that were lost. Below is the Chinese news transcript of the event. As it is a political news piece, expect official language and a very formal tone which in some aspects can be easier to understand when compared to informal Chinese. Let’s look at some of the key words.

Key Words

珍珠港 – Pearl Harbor。 港口 is the most used term for a harbor or port but 港 is used often in place names. For example, 香港 is Hong Kong.

袭击 – A raid or surprise attack. An attack is 攻击 but if there is a surprise element to it then 袭击 can be used.

海军 – Navy. Army is 军队 and air force is 空军. The character 军 is in all of these words making them quite easy to remember.

道歉 – To apologize. 我得向你道歉 means “I need to apologize to you” or “I owe you an apology”.

Obama and Abe pay respects at Pearl Harbor












Comprehension Questions

  1. 日军袭击珍珠港是什么时间?这个事件造成的结果是什么?
  2. 安倍晋三是第一个访问珍珠港的日本首相吗?

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