A classic song (it was a big hit in 1979) that every person in China knows. Slow and simple lyrics make it ideal for beginners to pick up some more vocabulary.

This is Chyi Yu’s best known song and it was inspired by an English poem written about a donkey the writer encountered when travelling in Spain (which is strange as this song does not contain a donkey). Let’s look at some of the key words to listen out for.

Key words

流浪 – To drift or to wander. 流浪街头 means to wander the streets.

故乡- A persons place of origin. Very similar to the term 老家.

橄榄树 – 橄榄 means olives, 树 is tree so together this means olive tree.

Music Video

Chyi Yu is from Taiwan and so the lyrics in this video are in traditional Chinese. The simplified lyrics are below.

橄欖樹 Song Lyrics

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

不要问我从哪里来 我的故乡在远方
为什么流浪 流浪远方 流浪
为了天空飞翔的小鸟 为了山间轻流的小溪
为了宽阔的草原 流浪远方 流浪
还有还有 为了梦中的橄榄树橄榄树
不要问我从哪里来 我的故乡在远方
为什么流浪 为什么流浪 远方
不要问我从哪里来 我的故乡在远方
为什么流浪 流浪远方 流浪为了我 梦中的橄榄树

Any questions?

I hope you found this song useful, if you have a song you want to recommend then comment below and let me know.