This is the blurb from a story that was written for Chinese learners. Chinese Breeze have written many stories and graded them for beginners to advanced readers. Read the blurb below which is from one of their beginner level books and see how you do.

As you can read below, the writing style has a lot of repetition to it which is why the stories are so suitable to beginners. Here are some of the key words you will find.

Key Words

雁 – This means Goose or Geese if used as a plural.

头 – Can be put before most nouns to designate a leader of a team.

鹰 – An eagle or similar bird of prey. This character can be found in many different birds of prey such as 猫头鹰.

Our Geese Have Gone

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If you found this easy then check out some of the other Chinese texts on the website. If you found it a little difficult then bookmark it and read through it several times a day until you no longer have to look up the pronunciation of any characters. Thanks for reading!