A short dialogue about a couple who broke up a long time ago, only to meet again. The dialogue is simple but there are some key words we can learn from it that are very useful to beginners. Intermediate readers might also find a few of the characters useful and they may be unknown to beginners so remember that you can mouseover any Chinese character to find the meaning and the pinyin.

Key Words

他 – He or his. 那是他的书包 meaning “That is his book bag”.

她 – She or her. 那是她的书包 meaning “That is her book bag”. It is important to note that the pronunciation of 他 and 她 is the same and the only difference is in writing.

问 – Ask. 问我一个问题 meaning “Ask me a question”. This is a very common character in the Chinese language.

Dialogue between a former couple

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)



她答: 我很好。







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If you have any comments or questions then please comment below. This is one of the shorter passages on the website but still has a lot of depth to it. The beauty of Chinese is being able to pack a lot of meaning into a short amount of text!