This is a passage written by a Chinese student thanking teachers. The 10th of September is Teacher’s Day in China and a lot of students will write nice messages for their teachers or give them small presents. Let’s look at some of the key words to be found below.

Key words

教师节 – Teacher’s day.

暑假 – Summer vacation. Another useful word can be 寒假 with is winter vacation.

道德 – Morals/virtue. 拆阅别人信件是不道德的 meaning “Opening other people’s letters is immoral”

Thanks to my teachers!

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Difficult translations


千秋 and 范忠 are both names of teachers in China. They both did extremely different things during the 2008 earthquake. One of them sacrificed himself for his students whereas the other was the first to run out of the school. Part of the sentence says 高尚卑劣极端 which calls one of the actions “noble” and the other one “despicable”.

The whole sentence an be translated to “During last year’s earthquake there were two teachers called 谭千秋 and 范忠. We can learn lessons from their polarizing actions of nobleness and cowardice.”


This translates into “We can’t expect all of our teachers to be the incarnation of Confucius”

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