Another beginner story featuring a rooster and a duckling. Remember to read through slowly and try to pronounce each tone clearly, don’t worry about speed that will come naturally with time. There is a voice recording of a Chinese person reading the story so that you can listen to and imitate the pronunciation. First, let’s look at some of the key words in this story.

Key Words

公鸡 – Rooster. In the story then it is referred to as 小公鸡 which would be a baby rooster, which I am told is called a cockerel. Either way, putting 小 in front of different animals generally means the “baby” version of the animal such as 小猫 meaning kitten.

鸭子 – Duck. 小鸭子 being duckling.

河 – River. There is a river in the story, there are many uses of this character such as 河边 meaning the side of the river.

虫子 – Insects. 小公鸡喜欢吃虫子.

The baby bird and the duckling

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Comprehension questions

A few questions about the story that you can answer in the comments below.

  1. 小公鸡找到了什么吃的?
  2. 小鸭子去河里捉什么?
  3. 小公鸡是怎么到河对岸的?

Have any questions?

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