The White House is a very impressive building and the Chinese below does a good job of introducing it to people. The Chinese is well written and has a very formal tone to it.

Key Words

白宫 – The White House. (宫 can be used in 宫殿 meaning palace)

总统 – President. 美国总统 would be the American President.

建立 – To establish/set up/found. 建立者 means “founder”.

The White House

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白宫(英语:The White House)也称为白屋,是美国总统的官邸和办公室。白宫由美国国家公园管理局拥有,是“总统公园”的一部分。二十美元纸币的背面图片就是白宫。



Difficult Translations

Let’s look at a few of the trickier sentences found in the above Chinese passage and translate them into English.


“The White House is owned by the National Park Authority and is part of the “President’s park”.


“The White House is a white sandstone building built in a neoclassical style.”


As the White house is the president’s residence and office, the word “White House” is often used as a substitute for the word “government”.

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