This is the first few paragraphs from a storybook, the book is aimed at older children/young teens and contains a nice mix of simple Chinese with idioms and some excellent vocabulary. The storybook is of the kind that allows you to choose which way the characters will go by giving the readers choices as to what page to turn to. Let’s look at some of the key words that will be appearing in the text below.

The name of the book is 夺宝奇兵 if you would like to find it.

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Key Words

博物馆 – Meaning museum. Often combined with the word 历史 to form 历史博物馆 meaning a historical museum.

道别 – Goodbye. In the text below 道了别 which is something that can be done with many verbs in Chinese that consist of two characters.

亚当 – Simply the name Adam.

Introducing Uncle Adam

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)







Difficult Translations

Let’s look at a couple of the trickier Chinese parts and translate them into English.


断 means to “to cut” or sever, it has a lot of uses and by saying 断了 it implies a slightly more serious air than simply sayings 挂了 which means “hang up”. In the context of the story above then we can translate this to “Without saying another word, the connection severed”.


This sentence uses 过 as an experience marker. For example, 我见过它 Would translate to “I saw him”. In the sentence above we could translate it to “You have never seen him so rushed before”


This might be confusing as the story focuses upon an “Uncle Adam” but in this sentence the guard is referred to as “门卫叔叔”. 叔叔 is a title of address that children often give to male adults, not just to their own uncles. It is also very common for children to call females “阿姨”。These are usually used when the person being addressed is around the same age as the child’s parents. In English we do not really use this and would translate this to be “The guard told us to wait by the door a few moments”.

Comprehension Questions

Answer the questions in the comment section below.

  1. 亚当叔叔在哪里工作?
  2. 请解释“道了别”是什么意思
  3. 亚当叔叔在博物馆工作了十年,十年是很长一段时间,你做过的最长时间的工作是什么呢?主要负责什么?请做简单介绍。

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