Here is another story for beginners, featuring some nice easy sentences and words for us to learn. It is worth mentioning that the actual text has pinyin printed above it, but I feel that pinyin is too distracting for English speakers. Our eyes will always naturally gravitate towards the letters instead of looking at the characters. Let’s start with some key words.

Key Words

猜 – This is a very useful character and means ‘to guess’. You will hear this a lot if you live in China.

请 – While this can mean please, it can also be to invite. So in the text below the teacher invites the rabbit up to the front of the class.

果然 – This means ‘as expected’ or ‘sure enough…’. Another similar word would be 结果 meaning ‘outcome’。 They both use the 果 character.

摸 – To touch or feel with a hand. Cannot be used in an emotional sense ‘to feel sad’ (for this you can use 感觉). This is only for physically feeling something.

Hands, not eyes

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

今天,黄老师带来了一袋子,里面藏了什么呢? 黄老师说:‘我们的小手长了眼睛,让我们闭上眼,用小手来摸’。




Difficult Translations

Here are a few English translations for some of the trickier sentences above.


长 is commonly taught to beginners as meaning “long”. However, it has several meanings and “to grow” can be one of them. So this sentence would be “Our hands can serve as eyes, lets close our eyes and use our hands to feel”. When 长 is used in this way then it is pronounced as zhang3.


In this sentence then 头 can take the meaning of “one end of something”. So the sentence is “The thinner end has a stem, the thicker end feels like it has a belly!”.

Any comments?

Beginners can take a lot from this text. What did you take from it? Comment below and let me know if this Chinese text helped you and if you would like to see more like this.