Today’s Chinese text is talking about someone’s weekly schedule and the things they like to do.

Key Words

  • 早晨 – Early morning
  • 结束 – To finish or conclude.
  • 阅读 – To read.
  • 逛街 – To window shop / walk down the high street.







English Translation

Hello everyone, my name is Wang Nan. I am a nurse.

Every morning at 7:50, I will go to work on time. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I will end my day’s work and head home.

I will read my favorite books on Monday and Wednesday nights. I have English classes on Thursday and Friday nights. Occasionally, I also watch TV.

On weekends, I will go shopping with my friends. On Sunday, I will go to the gym to exercise.

I won’t go and exercise this week because the weather forecast says there will be heavy rain on Sunday.

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