The following Chinese passage is about bitcoins. Bitcoins are a digital currency. As you might expect, the writing below has a lot of technical terms relating to the internet and technology in general. As this website does not have a “technology” section yet we will add it to the business one. If we add more technical articles then we will change it. Let’s look at some of the key words.

Key Words

比特币 – Bitcoins. 比特 being a computer bit and 币 meaning coins or currency. Another example of 币 could be 外币 meaning “foreign currency”.

网络 – Internet. The character 网 has a lot of useful uses for example 网吧 being an internet cafe.

虚拟 – (Mouseover the characters to see the translation, as there are lots of them). 虚拟 has many uses but probably it’s most common one is 虚拟世界 which means “virtual reality”.

密码学 – Cryptographer.

What are bitcoins?

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