Lily and Emma are discussing what they will eat. Compared to the previous two beginner dialogues this one is has longer sentences and more useful words. I have also started including a full translation of all beginner texts which you can see at the very bottom of the page. Let’s get started.

Key words

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最喜欢 – Favourite. 苹果是我最喜欢的水果 meaning “Apples are my favourite fruit”.

如果 – If.

馅儿 – This can be filling or stuffing. When you have 儿 you should replace the n at the end of xian with an “r” sound. Here is a link to a website with how to pronounce it. This is how most people pronounce it, especially in Northern China.

– Used to form superlatives. For example:

最高的 meaning “tallest”

最喜欢 meaning “favourite” – This literally translates to “most liked” but English speakers would almost always say “favourite”.

最大的 meaning “biggest”

最小的 meaning” smallest”

Let’s eat!

Emma (艾玛) – 我饿了。

Lily (莉莉) – 你想要吃什么?

艾玛 – 我不知道,我想吃面条,但是我也想吃饺子。

莉 – 如果你去吃饺子,我要跟你一起吃。如果你吃面条的话,那我要回家。

艾玛 – 好的,那我们一起去吃饺子吧!

莉 – 好!我希望饺子馆里会有芹菜馅儿的饺子,芹菜馅儿的饺子是我最喜欢的!你呢?

艾玛 – 我最喜欢白菜馅儿的饺子。

A couple of sentences explained


This can be translated to “If you eat noodles then I will go home.”

You can use 的话 for conditional clauses and is an easy way to express “if”. You just need to place the condition between them. For example:

如果明天下雪的话,我就不出去了 meaning “If it is snowy tomorrow, I won’t go out.”

Sometimes you might hear 的话 used without 如果 and sometimes it will be used with other words that mean “if”.


This uses 希望 to express the hope of something. Lily hopes that the dumpling restaurant will have celery dumplings. Even though Chinese people would say 芹菜馅儿的饺子, English speakers would most likely just say “celery dumplings” instead of “Dumplings with celery stuffing”.

Full Translation

Emma – I’m hungry.

Lily – What do you want to eat?

Emma – I don’t know. I want to eat noodles but I also want to eat dumplings.

Lily – If you go to eat dumplings then I will go with you. If you eat noodles then I will go home.

Emma – Ok, then let’s go to eat dumplings together.

Lily – Great! I hope the dumpling restaurant has celery dumplings, celery dumplings are my favourite. How about you?

Emma – My favourite dumplings are cabbage.

Any questions?

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