Learning to read Chinese means familiarising yourself with common conversations and repeating key vocabulary. Schooling is one of the most common topics across China and so in today’s beginner dialogues we will have a look at a short conversation about school.

After reading, if you would like to talk about your school (in Chinese, of course) then feel free to comment below. Just a simple sentence starting with “我觉得…“ meaning “I think….” is a great start. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at some of the words to be found in the dialogue below.

Key Words

上学 – To attend or go to school.

善良 – Kind. 她很善良 means “She is kind”.

科目 – School subject.

文化 – Culture.

What school do you go to?

(Hover over the Chinese for pinyin)

艾玛 – 你在什么学校上学?

莉莉 – 我在阳光中学上学。

艾玛 – 你喜欢你的学校吗?

莉莉 – 我很喜欢。

艾玛 – 你为什么喜欢你的学校?

莉莉 – 因为我的老师很善良。

艾玛 – 你最喜欢的科目是什么?

莉莉 – 我最喜欢的科目是地理。

艾玛 – 为什么?

莉莉 – 因为我觉得地理很有意思。我可以学习其他国家的文化。

A slightly trickier sentence


Here we use 其他 to mean “other”. It is very commonly used so make sure to remember it. Some other examples of 其他 are:

她不喜欢其他的人 – She doesnt like other people.

我到了,其他人呢? – I have arrived, how about the others?

Full English translation

Emma – What school do you go to?

Lily – I go to sunshine middle school.

Emma – Do you like your school?

Lily – Yes, I like it a lot.

Emma – Why do you like your school?

Lily – Because my teachers are kind.

Emma – What is your favourite subject?

Lily – My favourite subject is geography.

Emma – Why?

Lily – Because I think geography is interesting. I can learn about the culture of other countries.


Thanks for reading

If you have any questions then post below, happy learning!