Another small reading dialogue for complete Chinese beginners featuring Lily and Emma (the first dialogue can be found here). Today, they are talking about what they will do using the character 会 to express “will”. Let’s look at some of the words they use before reading the dialogue.

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Key Words

会 – This takes the meaning “will”. 明天我会打扫卧室 “Tomorrow I will clean the bedroom”.

布置 – To assign something. More on this in the translations section below.

遛狗 – Walk the dog

钢琴 – Piano. When combined with 学 (study) then you can probably guess it means “to learn the piano”.

What will you do today/tomorrow?

Emma – 你好,莉莉。你今天会做什么?

Lily – 我的老师布置了太多作业,我会很忙。你呢?

Emma – 今天我没有作业,我会去公园遛狗

Lily – 你明天会做什么?

Emma – 明天我会学钢琴。你呢?

Lily – 明天我会去看我的奶奶。


Let’s go through and look at some translations.


This is simply asking “What will you do today” You can replace 今天 with 明天 to ask about tomorrow instead.


“My teacher gave us too much homework”. You could replace 布置 with 给 to mean “give” but most Chinese speakers will agree that 布置 sounds better.


“I will go and see my grandmother”. The structure 我会去… is very useful for saying you will go somewhere. 我会去公园 “I will go to the park” or 我会去买东西 “I will go shopping”.

Thank you for reading

This is the second dialogue for complete beginners and I hope it is useful. If you want to provide any feedback then please leave a comment. I am always looking for ways to improve.

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